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Deosaran Maharaj, 51
Pompano Beach, Florida
March 17, 2014

Agencies: Broward County Sheriff's Office Florida

Last updated: about 1 year ago

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Maharaj drove off in his white truck and the deputy followed him and pulled him over.

Maharaj, who at one point got out of the truck was "was completely ignoring" orders from Deputy Paul Yesbeck to show his hands and get on the ground, instead going to look in the back of the truck, Moschella said.

“The deputy felt threatened at that point and was forced to shoot. He shot multiple times. At least one of those shots fatally injured the man, who had gotten back into the pick-up,” states Moschella.

It is not known at this time whether Deosaran was at-tempting to locate his machete or why he refused to follow the deputy’s orders. The shooting is currently under investigation by BSO and the officer responsible for the shooting, Paul Yes-beck is on administrative leave.

Maharaj is known as the Coconut Man throughout the community because he makes his living selling coconuts which he chops down using the machete that was found in his truck. According to Thrower, “He was an honest and good man when it came to what he did and he was very respected and known in the Collier City area as being a good man.”

Northwest Civic Association President, Walter Hunter, was familiar with Maharaj as well. When he received the call late Sunday night, he immediately reported to the scene where he discovered what had happened.

After talking to a few people and Sheriff Israel, he returned home where over the next few days he got calls from several concerned citizens about the events that took place.