Delicia Orr Africa, 12

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 13, 1985

Agencies: Philadelphia Police Department Pennsylvania

Cause of death: Not Yet Known

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The medical examiner's office said all 11 MOVE members died as a result of the fire that erupted when police dropped a bomb on the roof of the house after a daylong shootout and standoff. Dr. Ali Z. Hameli, a pathologist retained by the special MOVE commission, said he could not determine whether the 11 had died as a result of the explosion, fire or gunfire.

The children were to be MOVE's first pure generation, untainted by contact with the "system" that MOVE detests. They were fed only raw food, and their education was confined to MOVE law.

Delicia was the daughter of Delbert Orr Africa and Janet Hollaway Africa, who were sentenced to long prison sentences on third-degree murder and related charges in the 1978 shootout in Powelton Village, in which police Officer James Ramp was killed. Phil was the son of William and Jeanine Phillips Africa, who also were convicted of murder charges in the case.

Tomasa, the youngest of the 11 victims, was known as the first baby born inside the MOVE house. His mother, Susan Levino Africa, bragged that she bit through the umbilical cord herself and then licked the baby clean.

Levino Africa is serving a sentence on riot and weapons charges stemming

from a 1977 incident at MOVE's former headquarters. The whereabouts of the father, Robert Moses Africa, are unknown.

Birdie Africa, the only child known to have escaped the house, said in testimony before the MOVE commission last year that Phil had attemped to escape from the burning house with him but was driven back by gunfire.

Birdie, now known as Michael Moses Ward, said Tomasa apparently died in the arms of Ramona Africa, the only adult known to have survived.

Ward said Tomasa, nicknamed "Boo," suddenly grew quiet after crying amid the smoke.

He said Ramona slapped Tomasa on the back in an attempt to revive him.

Tomasa let out one more cry. After that, Ward said simply, "he stopped."

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