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Dazion Jerome Flenaugh, 40
Sacramento, California
April 08, 2016

Agencies: Sacramento County sheriff’s Department California | Sacramento Police Department California

Last updated: over 1 year ago

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Police said they stopped Flenaugh and detained him in the back of a patrol car after receiving reports of 'suspicious activity'. Authorities said Flenaugh was thrashing and kicking in the back of the car, and that when the officers stopped to try and secure him, he ran away. Flenaugh then allegedly broke into a home and armed himself with kitchen knives before threatening a woman. Officers said they shot him when he 'verbally challenged' them.

A witness at the scene says someone told her six shots were fired. One suspect is reportedly down.

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January 2017 Video which was claimed not to exist is released

On January 13, 2016, three Sacramento police officers were cleared in the shooting of Flenaugh even after they were recorded saying witnesses should hit him with a baseball bat. 

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June 04, 2016 BlacklivesMatter Sacramento Candlelight Vigil

July 2016 Sacramento Mayor donates money to help family bury Dazion

September 2016 Brother queries no explanation, no accountability at Sacramento City Council

September 2016 Newspaper Writes stinging editorial on lack of transparency and accountability of police and City officials


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