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Darryll C Price,
Cincinnati, Ohio
April 04, 1996

Agencies: Cincinnati Police Department Ohio

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  Darryll C. Price was jumping on the hood of a car stuck in traffic, shouting that he was going to “shoot someone,” just before he died in a struggle with police on April 4, 1996.

        Mr. Price struck his head on the ground and suffered other minor injuries when police sprayed a chemical irritant in his face, tackled him and placed shackles on his wrists and ankles.

        An autopsy revealed that Mr. Price's death was caused by “agitated delirium with restraint,” a sudden death syndrome usually seen in mentally ill people or drug abusers. Mr. Price had been using cocaine prior to the incident. The syndrome begins when a disturbed person can't get enough oxygen, bringing on an irregular heartbeat or respiratory arrest.

        Once restrained, police called for medical help because they saw that Mr. Price — 42 years old and unarmed — was bleeding from the head.

        He kept struggling as officers put him on a stretcher, took off the handcuffs and refastened them above his head so that rescue workers could better administer first aid, police reports say.

        While officers were putting a belt across Mr. Price's chest, he stopped moving and rescue workers began CPR. He was pronounced dead less than an hour after police took him into custody.

        The coroner said Mr. Price's death was largely caused by the syndrome and was unrelated to the cuts and bruises sustained in his struggle with police. The police officers were cleared of any wrongdoing.

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