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Daniel Hambrick, 25
Nashville, Tennessee
July 27, 2018

Last updated: 9 days ago

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Police identified Andrew Delke, 25, who is white, as the officer who shot and killed Daniel Hambrick, also 25, who is black. Delke, who graduated from the police academy in December 2016, is on administrative leave while the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation looks into the shooting.

The shooting of a black man by a white officer sparked anger among community activists who say police are racially biased. Many continued their calls for the implementation of body cameras for every officer and civilian oversight of the police department.

There is no body camera or dash camera footage of the shooting. But, according to the TBI's latest account, surveillance footage around the John Henry Hale Apartments captured at least part of the encounter.

Delke drove into the parking lot of the apartment complex around 7 p.m. after spotting a white Chevrolet Impala that had been "driving erratically" in the area earlier and had refused to stop for police, according to the TBI.

Video showed Hambrick and two other men getting out of the car as Delke approached.

When Hambrick turned to run, the TBI said, cameras showed Delke chasing him on foot. An earlier account of the shooting did not include details about a chase.

"At one point, based upon the video, Hambrick appears to have a dark-colored object in his hand," the TBI said in a statement. "The situation escalated further, for reasons still under investigation, and resulted in the officer firing his service weapon several times."