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Daniel Arreola-Saavedra, 24
Albuquerque, New Mexico
January 07, 2018

Last updated: 9 months ago

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24 year-old Daniel Arreola-Saavedra was killed in an officer-involved shooting that occurred in southeast Albuquerque.

Police spokesman Simon Drobik says dispatchers received a 911 call from someone at an apartment on General Hodges about a burglary in progress.

“Upon arrival, these officers were confronted by an individual with a weapon, a male. At least one officer fired upon that offender,” Officer Simon Drobik says.

Police say that man was killed at the scene.

Albuquerque Police did not elaborate on what kind of weapon he had at the time and officers have yet to identify him.

The father of the man whom police shot and killed Sunday said his son, Daniel Arreola-Saavedra, 24, broke into an empty apartment complex on Central east of Wyoming to find a place to sleep.
“My son broke into that unit, that’s his girlfriend’s old unit, because it was cold,” Jesse Arreola said in a phone interview. “It was an empty unit.”