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Cynthia Amanda Apkaw, 25
Goodyear, Arizona
August 26, 2015

Agencies: Arizona Department of Corrections

Last updated: 2 months ago

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Apkaw, 25, was found hanging from a sheet in her cell at the state prison in Perryville and was pronounced dead at a local hospital, according to prison records. She had been sentenced to 11.5 years for multiple aggravated assault convictions.

According to ADOC Director Charles Ryan, six officers responsible for patrolling the prison’s inmates neglected their duties, opting to sit in the air conditioned room. Ryan also explained to Fox 10 that a 45-year-old man named Scott Saba hanged himself at another Arizona facility in February, when officers similarly abandoned their patrols. In both cases, officers lied during subsequent investigations and falsified records.

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