Crazy Horse Tȟašúŋke Witkó, 37

Crawford, Nebraska
September 05, 1877

Agencies: Unspecified

Cause of death: Not Yet Known

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On the morning of September 5, 1877, Crazy Horse departed for Camp Robinson with the soldiers and some of his followers. An order was given for Crazy Horse was to be arrested and under the cover of darkness taken to Division Headquarters, such was the Army’s fear of the great leader. Crazy Horse was led to the post guardhouse. Once inside, Crazy Horse realized his fate and struggled with the guard and Little Big Man in an attempt to escape. As he fled out the door of the guardhouse, Crazy Horse was stabbed with a bayonet by one of the guard detail. He was treated by the assistant post surgeon, Dr. Valentine McGillycuddy, and died late that night. Some say Crazy Horse died at midnight, what a chilling premonition that is. The great Warrior was struck down and succumbed at the darkest hour of night, the ways of his people also falling into the great black abyss with him. Official military records say he died before midnight, making September 5, 1877 his acknowledged death date. Dr. McGillycuddy wrote that Crazy Horse "died about midnight.". The following morning his body was turned over to his parents who took him to Camp Sheridan, where he was placed on a scaffold. The following month when the Spotted Tail Agency was moved, Crazy Horse's parents moved the body to an undisclosed location. There are thought to be four major possible locations noted on a state highway memorial near Wounded Knee, South Dakota. The great leader’s final resting place remains unknown.

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