Cinque D'Jahspora, 20

Jackson, Tennessee
November 07, 2014

Cause of death: Shooting

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As Officer Bond arrived in the area, he observed a man, now identified as D'Jahspora, on the side of the road, who matched the description provided by the caller reporting the disturbance. Bond got out of his patrol car to investigate and was immediately attacked and stabbed by D'Jahspora, police said. He then shot D'Jahspora, police said.

Ambulance crews transported D'Jahspora and Officer Bond to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. D'Jahspora was pronounced dead at the emergency room. Officer Bond was treated and released.

Community and Family Efforts

July 2015 March against police brutality

October 2015 NYC Protest

November 2015 Vigil one year on