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Cameron Tillman, 14
Houma, Louisiana
September 23, 2014

Agencies: Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office

Last updated: about 2 years ago

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Police received call that armed individuals had entered an abandoned house. When they knocked on the door, Cameron Tillman, a high school freshman and talented athlete with a 3.7 grade point average opened the door and was shot four or five times. The local sheriff said Cameron came to the door with a gun in his hand, but that was later changed to say a BB gun was found "in close proximity" to his body. The teens say the BB gun was on the table.

Cameron was alive for at least 45 minutes, according to the family's lawyer. But the police offered no medical assistance. The investigation is ongoing, but two months on, the four other boys in the house say they still haven't been interviewed.

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September 2015 Attorneys for the family of Cameron Tillman and the five other ... the 14-year-old have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in the year-old case.

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