Brian Quinones, 30

Minneapolis, Minnesota
September 07, 2019

Agencies: Hennepin County Attorney Minnesota | Hennepin County Sheriff's Office Minnesota | Minneapolis Police Department Minnesota | Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension BCA | Richfield Police Department Minnesota | Edina Police Department Minnesota

Cause of death: Shooting

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Last updated: almost 5 years ago


On Sunday evening Interstate 494 was shut down by community members protesting Brian Quinones’ death at the hands of police. Hundreds attended an emotional vigil at the site where Quinones was shot and killed a night earlier. Mothers, children, elders, and neighbors marched onto the interstate and took space for over half an hour. No arrests were made.

Unicorn Riot was live during the vigil and the entirety of the interstate shutdown.

Legal Action

During the vigil, Nekima Levy Armstrong, professor, lawyer, and ex-President of the Minneapolis NAACP, gave four demands:

  • An independent investigation; “We do not trust the Hennepin County Sheriffs Office
  • The immediate release of the names and professional history of the officers who killed Brian Quinones
  • Prompt release of video footage of the killing, to the family first
  • An independent inquiry “to determine whether or not the use of deadly force was justified

Mrs. Armstrong spoke about the widely-held distrust of police investigatory bodies which overwhelmingly clear officers involved in shootings. She said “agencies that rubber-stamp the behavior of killer cops” are “not credible when it comes to investigating a police shooting case.

We wanna know who did this. We wanna know their background and their track record, to shoot and kill somebody within 14 seconds of encountering them.” — Nekima Levy Armstrong

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office named officers Nicholas Pederson and Benjamin Wenande of the Edina Police Department, and officers Dylan Carroll, Dylan Schultz and Macabe Stariha of the Richfield Police Department as those involved with the Sept. 7 incident that left 30-year-old Brian Quinones dead. Each officer has been placed on standard paid administrative leave.