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    Jason Shelton, Mayor of Tupelo used his fathers Law firm and history working with over a thousand African American's in Northeast, Ms to help them get on Disability for getting elected into office. He is a closet case racists. I worked at the Shelton Law firm for his father on many levels, My ex wife worked for him and my ex father in law headed his social security/disability office for 10 years, yet Jason lied to press and media in 2013 when I was framed in Presidential assassination Plot saying he didn't know me and I was "insane" = SLANDER. I am KC and I approve this message

Antwun Shumpert, 37

Tupelo, Mississippi
June 19, 2016

Cause of death: Shooting

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Police in Mississippi say an officer shot and killed 37 year-old Antwun "Ronnie" Shumpert who they say fought and injured the officer and his police dog after being chased and hiding under a house.

It was the second weekend in a row that Tupelo police fatally shot someone.

Police told news media that Shumpert ran from his car after a traffic stop and was tracked to his hiding place about 10 p.m.

Family members of Shumpert demanded answers from city and police department officials.

While Tupelo leaders refused to release many details about the officer-involved fatal shooting, the Shumpert family said more at their own press conference a few days after the killing.

Antwun Shumpert, a black man, was unarmed when a white Tupelo policeman shot him four times in the upper body, said Grenada attorney Carlos Moore, who was retained by the family to look into the possibility of a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Shumpert ran from the scene June 18 after he was pulled over by police near the intersection of Van Buren and Harrison streets in the Lee Acres neighborhood. According to a city of Tupelo press release, Shumpert attacked the officer and a police dog, and was shot during the struggle.

“He ran from the police, but he did not attack the officer or the K-9,” said Moore during the press conference at Tupelo City Hall. “Was the K-9 not well-enough trained to handle an unarmed 37-year-old man?

“My investigation has revealed he was shot three times in the chest and once in the stomach. He didn’t have a gun, a knife, a blade or any such thing. This is unacceptable. We are disheartened that the city rushed to judgment and said (the shooting) was justified. The family demands a retraction.”

During the city’s press conference Monday, Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton said the city felt both the traffic stop and the use of deadly force were justified.

Officer Tyler Cook, who lawyer Carlos Moore says pulled Shumpert over, then let a K-9 loose. Cops claim the the K-9 found Shumpert, who then “emerged from hiding and attacked” the dog and the officer.

But whatever actually happened ended with the dog repeatedly biting Shumpert in the testicles, mutilating them, Shumpert having several of his teeth knocked out and others apparently kicked deep into his gums, and him ultimately being shot repeatedly in the chest by the officer.

"We believe the officer just went berserk," Attorney Carlos Moore told ThinkProgress. "It was a modern day lynching."

Shumpert died five hours later at the North Mississippi Medical Center.

I have viewed the pictures of Shumpert taken at the hospital and have chosen not to share them here. They are unthinkably brutal and indeed show the injuries described.

An unarmed African-American is at least six times more likely to be killed by police as an unarmed white person. In fact, an unarmed African-American is almost as likely to be killed by American police as an armed white person. In some cities, a black man is more likely to be killed by police than he is to suffer a fatal car accident.

With American police in 2016 on a pace to kill more people than any year ever measured, mandatory body cameras must become the norm. While they may not reduce police violence, they would at least allow us all to understand the full truth of cases like the brutal death of Ronnie Shumpert.

Legal Action

June 2016 During the city’s press conference Monday, Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton said the city felt both the traffic stop and the use of deadly force were justified.

June 2016 Family disputes police story and lawyer wants public retraction of Mayor's claims

June 2016 Family wants Federal Investigation

July 2016 Protest

September 2016 Killer Officer back at work


JuneA man shot by Tupelo police following a chase last night has died. 

Asst. Police Chief Alan Gilbert tells WTVA the shooting happened around 10 pm.  

He says officers were conducting a traffic stop in the Lee Acres neighborhood 
when the man ran. 

Officers and a K9 officer tracked the man to Harrison Street where an altercation occurred.  

A search for the suspect led officers to the suspect’s hiding place under a house. The suspect emerged from hiding and attacked the K9 unit and officer. During the struggle, the suspect was shot. 

The suspect died this morning at North MississippI Medical Center.  

According to Coroner Carolyn Green, the man is identified as 37-year-old Antwun Shumpert.

- See more at: http://www.wtva.com/news/local/OfficerK9_injured_suspect_killed_in_Tupelo_shooting_incident.html#sthash.3XBWtPA6.dpuf