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Anneson Joseph, 28
Palm Beach, Florida
February 05, 2014

Agencies: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Florida

Last updated: about 1 year ago

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With the story beginning to evolve, local news stations that cover the Treasure Coast received a video – recorded via cell phone – from a man who was pulling into the complex to go home when he was blocked off by the Sheriff’s vehicles. Within the video, you can see one Sheriff approaching Joseph, and when he gets to a certain point, Joseph charges him – that’s when you can hear three shots being fired.

Once Joseph was on the ground (after being tased and shot three times), he was still active and conscious – so much so that he tried to grab at one of the Sheriff’s by the leg. During the duration of Joseph’s rampage, it was also mentioned by witnesses that he spotted a man walking with his 10-year old son, and proceeded to chase them – both the father and son got away unharmed due to Joseph setting his sights on Grein’s. It was after Grein’s stabbed Joseph with a box cutter that he began running towards his house when his father came out and chased Joseph back to Military Trail.