America Rodriguez-Aguilera, 23

Dolton, Illinois
August 21, 2005

Agencies: Calumet City Police Department Illinois

Cause of death: Vehicular

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America Rodriguez-Aguilera was killed when the car she was in was struck by a Chevrolet Caprice being chased by six police cars. The chase began after Seneca Allen, 21, allegedly beat up an officer in a bowling alley parking lot, then dived through the window of the Caprice, which was being driven by a woman. Also inside the car were three other men. Police claimed that Allen took control of the car and headed west into Dolton, where he ran a red light and crashed into a Nissan Sentra that had pulled into the intersection to make a left turn. Rodriguez, who was in the Nissan's passenger seat, was pronounced dead shortly after the accident. Allen contended that he was not driving the Caprice at any point.

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