Alfred Ferrell III, 28

Indianapolis, Indiana
October 30, 2013

Agencies: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Indiana

Cause of death: Shooting

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Last updated: almost 6 years ago


Officers were called to the adult video store at 4501 N. Keystone at around 10:46 am Wednesday on a report of a robbery. An IMPD North District officer happened to be close by and was able to respond quickly.

The officer saw a man walk out of the store carrying a bag. A woman inside the business opened the door and said, "get him" several times to the officer.

Police say an alarm was activated during the robbery. Detectives believe Ferrell was armed with a gun during the robbery and took money along with other items.

The officer approached the suspect with his weapon drawn as the suspect walked toward a 2004 Buick Park Avenue, which was backed into a parking space.

The suspect, later identified as Ferrell, walked to the driver's side of the car and tried to open the driver's door. He ignored the officer's orders to get on the ground and instead tried to get into the car.

The officer warned Ferrell that he would use a stun gun on him if he didn't comply. Ferrell ignored the officer, who then used his stun gun.

According to police, Ferrell fell face down on the ground, and the officer could not see his right hand. He continued to give Ferrell commands, which he did not follow.

That's when police say Ferrell rolled to his right side and pointed a silver pistol at the officer. The officer fired several shots at the suspect.