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Alfonso Limon Jr, 21
Oxnard, California
October 13, 2012

Agencies: Oxnard Police Department California | Ventura County District Attorney's Office California

Last updated: 11 months ago

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Yellow tape choked off the shooting scene. But a neighbor let Rebecca Limon and her sister through a front yard.

From there, they could see the body. It was covered.

Only the tennis shoes were visible.

"That's how we knew it was him," said Limon, 28, of her brother. "My sister had got him those running shoes."

It was a year ago, on the night of Oct. 13, 2012, that Alfonso Limon Jr. died.

Police say they shot the 21-year-old after mistaking him for a suspect. A traffic stop in Oxnard's tough La Colonia neighborhood had turned chaotic and violent, with two fleeing men reportedly firing at officers. One suspect was killed, another injured. Nine officers fired weapons.

The Limon shooting roiled the community, inflaming tensions among those who'd already organized protests over police-related deaths in the city. They claim ongoing brutality and harassment in low-income, heavily Latino neighborhoods.

Today, the public remains largely in the dark about what happened that night near the southeast corner of Garfield Avenue and Cooper Road. Few official details have been released.

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June 2014 -The family also made clear the fact that they want justice not just for their son, but for their community as well – and there is no justice without accountability. In addition to paying $6.7 million, the Oxnard Police Department must now also comply with the non-monetary conditions set out in the settlement: officers on duty must now wear cameras pinned to their shirts, which will record their interactions with residents. This arrangement is still being ironed out with the powerful police officers’ union, which will no doubt do everything they can to delay, stall, and complicate this condition.

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