Adrian Montesano,

Miami, Florida
December 10, 2013

Agencies: Miami-Dade Police Department Florida | Florida Department of Law Enforcement FDLE | Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office Florida

Cause of death: Shooting

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Adrian Montesano’s friend and business partner was trying to figure out what caused the young man to snap on Tuesday, when Montesano allegedly stormed a Miami-Dade drugstore at gunpoint, then shot multiple police officers, stole a patrol car, and wrecked another vehicle before police shot him and another man dead in a hail of bullets.

“I watched it all go down on TV, just like everyone else,” said Manny Quiros, who for the past six years has owned a small air-conditioning business with Montesano called Montesa Solutions. Quiros said he had been friends with Montesano for more than a decade. “All I can say is, he’s a good guy, and I have no idea why he did what they’re saying he did.”

Police said Montesano, 27, the son of longtime Hialeah internist and real-estate developer Dr. Jesus Montesano, led them on a morning manhunt through Miami-Dade County. The incident left six officers injured — three with gunshot wounds — and ended in an ear-splitting shootout near Northwest 27th Avenue and 65th Street.

The Florida State Attorney's Office and the Miami Dade Police department is investigating a shooting incident that left two men dead

Adrian Montesano, 27, robbed a Walgreens and shot a police officer in December last year

He crashed a Blue Volvo on a residential street as police converged on him

23 officers shot 377 round into the car, killing Montesano and his passenger Corsini Valdes

Neither man was armed and Valdes was innocent of any crime

Two officers were injured in the crossfire and two others suffered ruptured eardrums from the noise

Witnesses say Montesano and Valdes tried to surrender

  • Nearby homes were damaged by bullets and residents were put at risk by the unrestrained gunfire



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