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Adrian Herron, 30
Wasilla, Alaska
August 16, 2018

Last updated: 9 months ago

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According to a statement issued by WPD, Adrian Herron, 30, of Wasilla, was shot by officers after he "failed to comply with the commands from the officers." Herron reportedly stabbed the victim with two knives, and was shot multiple times. He died at the scene.

The incident began in the early morning hours of August 16, when police arrived at a home to the sounds of screaming, after a woman reportedly told authorities her husband threatened to kill anyone in the house.

The woman was stabbed in a critical area, according to WPD, but was saved due to emergency medical services that arrived on the scene following the shooting. Children were also found in downstairs bedrooms of the home, but were unharmed.

Wasilla Police Department named three officers as having shot Herron: Sergeant Don Ridge, 13 years with the Wasilla Police Department, Officer Adam LaPointe and Officer Sawyer Skiba, both with 2 years with Wasilla Police Department.